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Aptoide App for Maintenance

The aptoide app is the one single app you need that can let you update your apps (out of Kodi) in the box all at one go.


Option 1: With Thumbdrive

  1. Apk will auto-download when clicked on this link

  2. Copy this .apk file into your thumbdrive and insert into the tv box. Use appinstaller to install it.

Option 2: Without Thumbdrive

  1. Open web browser in your tv box, key in this URL, and the apk will auto-download into tv box

  2. Find File Browser app in tv box, go to Local disk > Download. Click on the Aptoide apk that you have just downloaded.

  3. Select Install when prompted.

! Do take note it is best to use a mouse to navigate within this app. Connect any type of mouse to the android box to use.


  1. When you enter the app, you might be first prompted to install a certain app. If you do not wish to perform any action, click back once.

  2. You will land on the Home page, navigate right to the Update tab.

  3. Click Update all button on the top right.

Not only you can easily update the full list of apps at one go, you can also install more apps. Here's how.


  1. Go to Stores tab.

  2. Click App.

  3. You can start choosing and installing more apps.

Now you're all set for your maintenance!

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