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IC Drama Add-on in Kodi

No doubt, there are a variety of apps to watch Korean and Hong Kong movies and drama series. However, many of them have default interface in Mandarin and without english subtitles can be a headache.

If you have been looking for a solution, follow the steps below to install IC Drama in Kodi to enjoy Chinese vod with a English front!


Option 1: With Thumbdrive

  1. Zip will auto-download when clicked on this link

  2. Copy the zip file into your thumbdrive and insert it into your tv box.

Option 2: Without Thumbdrive

  1. Open web browser in your tv box, key in this URL, and the apk will auto-download into tv box.


  1. Enter Kodi, go down the left panel and select Add-ons.

  2. Go up the left panel to select Box icon on the top left > and select Install from zip file.

  • Note that if you have newly installed Kodi V17, you will be prompted with a security message. Click Settings > enable Unknown sources > Select Yes > then go back to Install from zip page.

  1. Depending if you used thumbdrive or direct download,

  2. If you used thumbdrive: Select your thumbdrive name > Install repository.aznhusband-kodi-repo.

  3. If you did not use thumbdrive: Select External storage > Download folder > Install repository.aznhusband-kodi-repo.

  4. Go back to previous page, select Install from repository > Select aznhusband > Video add-ons > Find IC Drama > Install

Go back all the way to Add-ons on the left panel, select it.

Go to Video Add-ons, click right and you can find your newly installed IC Drama here!


After you have selected a movie or drama episode to watch, you can load the english subtitles while the video is playing.

  1. Click Ok on your remote control, and the menu bar at the bottom will appear.

  2. Navigate to the second right icon that states Subtitles, and click to open. Select Download for the window that appears.

  3. You can then go ahead to select any links given in the list. And the subtitles will come on your video.

If one link doesn't give the most accurate subtitles, try another link in the list.

Enjoy your drama marathon :)

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