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[Outdated] Morph TV App

You might have heard of Morpheus TV. Yes or no, the Morph TV app is reformed from the old Morpheus TV, and this is a great app to get your fix for english programmes.

Get your hands on this app with the step by step below!


Option 1: With Thumbdrive and laptop

  1. Download the file in this link http://bit.ly/178morph.

  2. Copy this .apk file directly into your thumbdrive and insert your thumbdrive into the tv box.

  3. In your tv box, under Apps section open the Appinstaller app > Select your thumbdrive > Install the .apk file.

Option 2: Without Thumbdrive

  1. Open web browser in your tv box, key in this URL http://bit.ly/178morph. Download the file in this link.

  2. Open File Browser app that is in the Apps section of your tv box, select "Local disk" > "Download" folder > click on the .apk file that you have just downloaded

  3. Select "Install" when prompted.

Done, and you can start using this app!

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