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PlayBox Set

PlayBox Set


What's in the box:

• PlayBox 10,000 games

• 1 x Retro Gamepad

• UK & EU Power Adapter (1.5m)

• HDMI cable (1.8m)

Option to upgrade PlayBox console to include 180 PlayStation games.

Option to upgrade Retro Gamepad to Power or Supreme Fightsticks.

Option to add additional Fightsticks to make up to 4 players.

Drop us a Facebook message or Whatsapp at 9725 8365 for more details.


Detailed Specifications

Games: PlayBox 10,000 games | PlayBox Upgrade 10,180 games (Added PlayStation games)

Players: Up to 4

Connectivity: HDMI

Dimensions: 100mm x 71mm x 30mm

Weight: 85g

Material: ABS Plastic

Inclusive: HDMI (1.8m), UK & EU Power Adapter (1.5m)Power: 2.5A, 5.1V, Micro USB B

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty from date of purchase

  • Purchase

    Free Delivery

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