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Newest Movie HD App [Updated Jan 2018]

Outside of Kodi, the Newest Movie App is great for accessing unlimited english movies.


Option 1: With Thumbdrive

  1. Apk will auto-download when clicked on this link

  2. Copy this .apk file into your thumbdrive and insert into the tv box. Use appinstaller to install it.

Option 2: Without Thumbdrive

  1. Open web browser in your tv box, key in this URL, and the apk will auto-download into tv box

  2. Find File Browser app in tv box, go to Local disk > Download. Click on the Newest Movies HD apk that you have just downloaded.

  3. Select Install when prompted.


! Do take note you will need a mouse to navigate within this app. Connect any type of mouse to the android box to use.

  1. Navigate with your mouse and click on a movie that you want to watch.

  2. A list of different resolutions will load, choose the highest resolution. Click Play.


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