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Firecat Add-on & The Kratos Add-on in Kodi

You might realise some of the existing english movie apps in Kodi might have lesser of 1080p resolution sources. Firecat and The Kratos are one of the new additions to Kodi that have good number of 1080p resolution sources.

Here are the steps to get these 2 apps in your Kodi now.


Option 1: With Thumbdrive

  1. Zip file should auto-download when clicked on this link If it does not auto-download, click on the "Download" button.

  2. Copy the zip file into your thumbdrive and insert your thumbdrive into the tv box.

Option 2: Without Thumbdrive

  1. Open web browser in your tv box, at the URL field key in this URL, and the zip will auto-download into your tv box.


  1. Enter Kodi, go down the left panel and select Add-ons.

  2. Go up the left panel to select Box icon on the top left > and select Install from zip file.

  • Only applicable for users who have newly installed Kodi V17: You will be prompted with a security message. Click Settings > enable Unknown sources > Select Yes > Click back to Install from zip page.

  1. Depending if you used thumbdrive or direct download,

  • If you used thumbdrive: Select your thumbdrive name > Install repository.ukodi1

  • If you did not use thumbdrive: Select External storage > Download folder > Install repository.ukodi1

  1. Go back to previous page, select Install from repository > Select Ukodi1 > Video add-ons > Find Firecat > Install

  2. Repeat step 4 to install The Kratos app

Go back all the way to Add-ons on the left panel, select it. Select Video Add-ons on the left panel, and you can find your installed apps here!

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